Clingy Toddler?

FullSizeRenderI am not sure if it is a phase or some sort of toddler regression, but Meyer has been so clingy lately! Anytime I leave her side or am out of her view, it is like she is never going to see me again and she just cries until I pick her up. I’m starting to refer to her as my little shadow or Velcro because she is attached at my hip 24/7. Last Friday when I was cleaning the house, she couldn’t even bear for me to put her down while I vacuumed. So I had to compromise with her….I busted out the Baby Bjorn, strapped her in and went about my business. I used to do that all the time when she was a baby but now that she is almost 2 years old, it’s a crazy workout! She is almost 30 lbs. I have a two-story house. My back hurts.


Workout Time with the Little One

I have always been a schedule person. But as many of you moms know, it is hard to keep a personal schedule when you have a baby. Even though you penciled in a 30 minute workout during nap time, sometimes things come up. The baby screamed the whole time she was in her crib, those kitchen floors really needed a good scrub, your sister called to chat or maybe you needed a nap! Working out has been my biggest struggle since Meyer was born. Before I had her, I would work out every day with no interruptions. But now that my priorities have changed, I can’t always set aside 30 minutes to myself. I try to workout once I put her to sleep but sometimes I just want to sit on the couch with a vodka and lemonade and binge watch Little Women LA. Is that bad? And sometimes I just find it easier to incorporate her into my workout so we get to spend time together. OK, I lied. It’s a lot more challenging, especially if she decides to climb on me when I am trying to do my squats. Sometimes she bugs me for a bit and then gets bored and goes back to playing with her toys. But other times, she wants to be under me while I am doing planks and on top of me while I am doing my crunches. That is when your crunch time turns into crunch playtime. As this video illustrates, she was in a very clingy mood during workout time.

It’s a lot easier when your baby is only a few months old and you can just stick them in the infant swing and workout while they watch. Trust me, they stare at you like you are the most interesting creature on the planet. “What the heck is my mom doing?!?” Or when they are a little bigger but not yet mobile and you can actually use them as weights. Not only do they make great dumbbells for squats and bicep curls, you can actually hold your planks longer while they are underneath you. They can’t move, so you don’t need to get up every 5 seconds to chase them around! But once they begin to crawl or walk? Forget it! The most exercise you are going to get is chasing them around the house making sure they don’t get into the cabinets or fall down the stairs. Unless of course they are napping or chilling with Dad. But incorporating them into your workout can be fun for both of you and it actually makes you feel like you got a lot accomplished. Working out and playtime. Genius!