Clingy Toddler?

FullSizeRenderI am not sure if it is a phase or some sort of toddler regression, but Meyer has been so clingy lately! Anytime I leave her side or am out of her view, it is like she is never going to see me again and she just cries until I pick her up. I’m starting to refer to her as my little shadow or Velcro because she is attached at my hip 24/7. Last Friday when I was cleaning the house, she couldn’t even bear for me to put her down while I vacuumed. So I had to compromise with her….I busted out the Baby Bjorn, strapped her in and went about my business. I used to do that all the time when she was a baby but now that she is almost 2 years old, it’s a crazy workout! She is almost 30 lbs. I have a two-story house. My back hurts.


Be a Weekend Warrior

As most of you working moms know, we try to jam in as much time with our kids as possible on the weekends because depending on your schedules, your time together on weekdays is scarce. During the week, I get home anywhere between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm, change out of my work clothes, make dinner, play with Meyer while the casserole is baking or the meat is browning, eat dinner, give her a bath, get her PJ’s on, read her 2-3 books and then put her to bed because it’s already 7:30 pm. It’s exhausting! After she goes to bed, I work out, shower, get my lunch and outfit prepped for the morning (huge time saver) and then before I know it, it’s already bedtime for me! That is why it is important to maximize every second of the weekend, spending time with family and prepping for the upcoming week so you don’t have to waste time doing daunting tasks during the short window of time that you have with your kids on the weekdays. And I still like to have fun on the weekends with my husband because spending quality alone time together when the baby is sleeping is key! That is why it is important to plan out everything and schedule even the most minuscule tasks in your calendar.


When I get home from work on Friday, all I want to do is curl up with Meyer in her tee-pee, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eat pizza, but that would just set me back the entire weekend, so I have to power through those feelings. But rather than sticking her in the playroom while I do my chores, I incorporate her into the mix and we actually have fun cleaning together (her more than me, I am sure). On most Fridays, we go to the library to return the books we checked out the previous week and get 4 new ones for her to enjoy during the coming week. Right now she is obsessed with all the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O’ Connor. They are just so lovely and sparkly! I highly recommend them Mommas. Then when we get home, I started cleaning. The last thing I want to do on my Sundays is clean, so I try to get it done at the very start of the weekend to try to avoid the dreaded Sunday Chore Day. My Sundays are for Fundays, not cramming in the chores, the laundry and the grocery shopping. For most of my 30’s, my Friday nights have consisted of cleaning and watching Dateline, so nothing has changed since becoming a mom. I hand Meyer her own Swiffer Duster, turn on either Puppy Dog Pals or music (depending on her mood) and get to work. She usually follows me around and dusts the floor or her face (hopefully not in that order) while I diligently clean the whole house. She even helps me dust the floor with the Swiffer Sweeper…aka she runs around with it while I chase her and then pushes it up the wall and maybe on the floor or my feet. Even if they are not really helping, I think that it is important to incorporate them (safely) into everything that they see you doing. She is a little too big now, but when she was smaller, I would strap her in the Baby Bjorn while I vacuumed. Next, I make my dinner menu for next week and jot down the grocery list. Making a weekly menu saves so much time since you don’t have to search through the fridge and rack your brain trying to figure out dinner every night. I already know what we will be eating for dinner Monday through Thursday (Friday is leftover day) so when I get home from work, the protein is already defrosted and all the prep work has been done. And just like Cinderella, when I am done with my chores, I get to go to the ball! Meaning, I mix up a cocktail, retire to the couch and watch my Dateline. Ahh….now that’s my perfect Friday night!

IMG_1242On Saturdays (if we have no weekend plans or trips) and after I take Meyer to her My Gym class, we usually do all the grocery shopping. Now, this is what my husband lives for. I swear, he can stay in Trader Joe’s/Costco/Sprouts/Sam’s Club all day! And for someone who hates shopping (me), it is torture. I am ready to leave once we get there but I manage to make it around to get everything on our list, as well as more things that aren’t, and then head home with my weeks’ worth of groceries. I like to make my Monday dinner meal on Saturday or Sunday, that way when I get home from work on Monday, all I have to do is pop it in the oven and we are good to go. It’s already tough heading back to work on Monday mornings after a nice, relaxing weekend, why make it harder on yourself by having to worry about cooking? Once I put the baby to bed on Saturdays, my husband and I like to geek out and play board games or cards. Our favorites are Scrabble and Gin Rummy. But whatever you like to do at home to reconnect and have a quiet date night is important, whether it’s Netflix, dinner parties or just spending a nice evening outside by the fire pit.

Sundays are for sleeping in, church, spending time with your family and catching up on TV, right? If you get everything done on Friday and Saturday, then that is exactly what you will be doing! If you can avoid cramming your entire to-do list on the day before you start your work week again, you will learn to love Sundays as your fun family day instead of the dreaded day before Monday! Trust me, it’s now my favorite day of the week!