Stocking Stuffers

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. In hopes that St Nicholas would soon be there.” And what are in those stockings you may ask? All kinds of goodies if you have been a good boy or girl!

IMG_2901Growing up, the stockings were my favorite part of Christmas morning. We would open all of the presents and then just when we started to get sad that Christmas was over, my mom would say, “we still have the stockings, girls!” YES!!! I almost forgot about those little gems. And my mom was (and still is) the best stocking stuffer EVER! She would not only get us stuff we actually needed (like shampoo, body wash, chapstick, etc.) but there would be fun little surprises in there too! Here are a few of my favorite (and Rhoda approved) stocking stuffers for your kiddos this year:

Lifesaver books are the classic stocking stuffer that made me so happy every year. And yes, they still sell them at Target and Walmart with the classic flavors that we all remember. Can you say Butter Rum? I distinctly remember trying to steal my little sister’s Butter Rum flavored roll and bartering with my older sister to trade the Wild Cherry roll for the Tropical.

What kid doesn’t like bubbles? Whether it is bubble bath or bubbles to blow outside, they will always be a hit with the little ones. And they make the stocking like super heavy so your kids will be amazed at how ‘full’ it is. Genius!

IMG_2696 2Tiny Captain socks are Meyer’s (and mine) favorite socks ever! She wears these every day and every night. Not only do they have the cutest designs ever, they are comfortable, non-slip and come in the best packaging! The latest style added to Meyer’s collection were the baby girl animal socks. These Tiny Captain socks will make the best stocking stuffer because your kids will love the adorable styles and you are technically buying them a useful item without them really knowing it!

My mom would always put a toothbrush in our stockings. But hey, toothbrushes can be fun right? Electronic Minions, spinning Princesses, even just a bright-colored simple toothbrush…they are all fun and practical, right parents?

I know Meyer is always asking to use my chapstick, so why not buy her one of her own? Disney Lip Smacker has so many different flavors and characters that will surely make a great addition to the stocking. And you can think of it as practical because kids do get chapped lips in the winter time.

IMG_2902You have to put a few small surprises in your kiddo’s stockings along with the essentials that they need. And what kid doesn’t like a small toy? Even if it ends up in the bottom of the toy box next month with the rest of those damn small toys, it will be the best thing that your kid will pull out of that stocking! I suggest going to McDonald’s and ordering a Happy Meal (I am encouraging a splurge day!) and BAM! There’s your small and unique toy to add to the stocking.

Personalized anything…with a name like Erin, I could always find a mug with my name on it at Disneyland or a key chain from Six Flags but now that I have children with names like Meyer and Easton, I know that it won’t be as easy. That’s why personalizing anything is the coolest stocking stuffer ever. Just think how your 4-year-old name ‘Basil’ will feel when she pulls out that bracelet adorning her name on it. Score! Take that, Amy and Jeff! Basil can have something with her name on it too!



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