Welcome To The World Easton Wells Gudino

I woke up at 1:30 am on Saturday, July 21st thinking I had just peed the bed. What am I, 5 years old? Did my water break? Am I sweating? What was going on? I waited a bit before I woke up Anthony because I wasn’t having any pain and didn’t want him to get up if it was a false alarm. Then I got a few cramps and the suspicious liquid returned so I nudged my hubby and told him it was go time! But not before making him smell the liquid on the pillow to reassure me that it didn’t smell like pee. Gross, I know! I got up, got dressed, put on some makeup (every woman who is ready to go into labor does it, trust me!), got Meyer up and brought my hospital bag downstairs. By the time we were at the emergency room, I was ready for a long day/night considering I was in labor with Meyer for like 20 hours and pushed for 4 hours. But, by the time I saw the nurse and she determined that my water did break, I was informed that it would be pretty quick and I would probably have a baby by noon. WHAT!?!? By this point, I was already a little annoyed by my husband who had forgotten the hospital bag by the front door and kept telling me to hold off a little longer on the epidural….really?!?! I love you to death, Anthony but this is a pain you will NEVER experience! So, zip it and hold my hand!IMG_1557.jpg

The pain was a little too much to handle at this point, so Anthony brought Meyer back home, where my mother-in-law was waiting to stay with her, and of course to grab the hospital bag. By the time he returned, I was feeling nice and numb and the doctor was on her way. Once the doctor arrived, I seriously pushed like four times and the baby popped out- it was amazing! I think I even said, “Wow, I could do that again!” Since we weren’t finding out the sex with this one, my eyes immediately darted towards my tiny baby’s nether regions when the doctor held he/she up and I shouted, “It’s a BOY!” My tiny little peanut, Easton Wells Gudino, was born at 10:21 am on 7.21.18 at 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 19 inches. We are so in love and thrilled that Meyer has a little brother.