Just The Two Of Us

I started my maternity leave on Monday and now the waiting game begins. Baby G #2 isn’t due until July 20th, so I am enjoying the final weeks I have alone with my first baby, Meyer London. While I am definitely enjoying my time with her, I am also realizing that it is quite the job being a stay at home mom. Not that I had any doubts prior to this experience, but wow, taking care of a two-and-a-half-year old while 9 months pregnant (in this 100 degree heat might I add) is freaking hard! In my head I was thinking that during this time off, not only will I have time with Meyer, but I was going to write, bake, tackle some pickling I have been meaning to do, rest and get some sun by the pool. Guess how much of that I have done? I made one loaf of banana bread, sat outside for 10 minutes today and am writing this now. And speaking of rest (or lack there of), Meyer has apparently realized that she wants to be an Olympic Pole-vaulter when she grows up because she now hurls herself out of her crib so smoothly and swiftly every night and runs into our room. This literally started on Day 1 of my maternity leave, so that’s been a lot of fun. I now get up a few times during the night to intercept her in the hallway and try to coax her back to her room (I guess she is just giving me practice for the upcoming months ahead). She definitely senses all the changes happening in the Gudino household.
IMG_1455But we have been doing all kinds of activities together like trying out soccer and dance, going to the library for story times, running errands together (after each store she asked if that store was called ‘Errand’), movie nights together on the couch and extra cuddle time before bed. I am trying to squeeze in all the time I can with Meyer before our home gets taken over by a baby. I pray that she will take to the new baby transition well and not be too jealous of Lil’ Gudino or too clingy to mommy. I’m also trying to treasure the special moments and sweet snuggles between us since they may be few and far between soon since I will be busy breast-feeding, not sleeping and entertaining the littlest member of our family.