Trying Out The Neti Pot

IMG_0862When I was pregnant with Meyer, the only ailment I suffered from (besides the giant tummy, indigestion and pregnancy waddle) was constant bloody noses. Which was totally normal for me because I had been getting nose bleeds since I was a kid, these were just more frequent due to pregnancy Rhinitis. But with this baby, I developed a full on sinus infection along with the nose bleeds, which was awesome! I didn’t even realize it was a sinus infection until I woke up one morning and the whole right side of my nose and cheek were swollen. It was one of those things where I could see my cheek from my eye line, so I was convinced that I looked like Sloth from The Goonies, even though it really wasn’t that bad. Along with going to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to get antibiotics that were approved by my OB/GYN, my holistic chiropractor told me that I should try the Neti Pot. The what pot? I had heard of this contraption but was very reluctant to use it, fearing that I would choke or sneeze mid-cleanse. And who wants to manipulate that feeling of having water up their nose themselves? That’s the WORST feeling ever! Hesitantly, I went to CVS and bought one. It looked like a tiny teapot that Meyer used in her Minnie Mouse brunch set, except you shove it up your nose. So, I filled it up with filtered water, added the packet of saline and gave it a shot. ACK! What a strange, yet satisfying feeling. As I was leaning over my sink, with the spout in one of my nostrils, the saline solution was traveling through my nasal passage and coming out the other nostril. Although it felt and looked crazy weird, it actually worked! I highly recommend it, if you can stomach that jumping into a pool without your nose plugged feeling.

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