Glitter Party At The Gudino House

IMG_0860Meyer is officially obsessed with wearing her Disney Princess dresses. Obsessed. Like to the point where she wants to put them on immediately when she wakes up and even wear them when she goes to bed (I had to put my foot down with that one). She has two Elsa dresses from Frozen, a Tinkerbell dress, a Minnie Mouse dress and newest to the collection? Elena of Avalor. We have no issues with Meyer wearing any of the dresses except that damn Elena dress….she is like the newest addition to the family that kind of crept up out of nowhere and has taken over the entire house. What do I mean by that? One word for you…GLITTER. It is as if I am living with an actual real life fairy, you guys. There is glitter everywhere. I wake up and there is glitter on my face. My husband will get to work and there is glitter on his backpack. It’s like the glitter finds ways into everything, even when the dress isn’t there! And to boot, we just got a new couch, which now shimmers and shines because Meyer walked into the living room wearing that dress and POOF- sparkle party! We have now restricted Meyer to basically only wearing that dress when she is A.) outside B.) standing in the empty bath tub, not moving, or C.) when she is at anyone else’s home but ours. But I can’t do that to my little girl, right? She loves that dress! So, I figured that I have two options. I can follow my Princess around all day, like her royal court, only with a vacuum in my hand, or I can figure out a way to keep sparkles from falling off clothes. My internet search engine must think I am a stripper or something with all the ‘glitter’/’sparkle’/’removing glitter’ searches I have done over the past few days. But I finally think I found a solution to this problem. I soaked the dress in cold water, shook the hell out of it (I was totally humming AC/DC’s ‘Shook Me All Night Long’ the entire time) and sprayed it with hairspray. Apparently, that will keep the sparkles on and keep my house from looking as if Dorothy and her ruby red slippers angrily stomped around every inch of my home…

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