Stroll Down Memory Lane

A few weekends ago, my husband and I took our two-year old daughter on a trip to Austin, Texas and to the exact location where we said our ‘I Dos.’ It felt like home to be back and was heartwarming to see Meyer stomping around in the very spot where we began our life together and technically the thought of her eventually coming into the world. We even had a tree planted next to the ceremony site that Meyer got to see. To her it was just a tree and a rock but to us it commemorated a very special moment in our lives.

To bring Meyer to Austin was very special to us and we had to mark the occasion by buying her some cowboy boots, of course! The entire time we were there, she kept saying ‘Austin, Texas’ over and over again and didn’t want to take off her new boots once they were on her feet. We ate BBQ, walked up and down Congress Avenue, checked out a street fair on 6th Street, went to a few breweries and even got to see the famed bats emerge from the Congress Avenue Bridge. But the most special moment was taking her to Memory Lane Event Center in Dripping Springs, TX (right outside of Austin) where we got married on March 27, 2015. We chose this venue due to its proximity between California and Maine and because Austin is one of our favorite cities. Yes, she cried all the way there because she had to pee so bad and didn’t want to go on the potty. Then she ended up pooping in her Pull-Up in the parking lot, leaving Anthony and I a big mess to clean up, but all things aside, we were finally at Memory Lane with her in tow. Phew! Once we composed ourselves, we walked inside and were greeted by the friendly and familiar faces that had helped us out on our special day. It was crazy to be back and it felt like we were just there, prepping for the big day. We roamed the property, found our tree and snapped a few pictures where we said our vows and were pronounced husband and wife. It was such an incredible moment and we hope that Meyer can one day look back and thank us for sharing that special memory with her.

Trying Out The Neti Pot

IMG_0862When I was pregnant with Meyer, the only ailment I suffered from (besides the giant tummy, indigestion and pregnancy waddle) was constant bloody noses. Which was totally normal for me because I had been getting nose bleeds since I was a kid, these were just more frequent due to pregnancy Rhinitis. But with this baby, I developed a full on sinus infection along with the nose bleeds, which was awesome! I didn’t even realize it was a sinus infection until I woke up one morning and the whole right side of my nose and cheek were swollen. It was one of those things where I could see my cheek from my eye line, so I was convinced that I looked like Sloth from The Goonies, even though it really wasn’t that bad. Along with going to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to get antibiotics that were approved by my OB/GYN, my holistic chiropractor told me that I should try the Neti Pot. The what pot? I had heard of this contraption but was very reluctant to use it, fearing that I would choke or sneeze mid-cleanse. And who wants to manipulate that feeling of having water up their nose themselves? That’s the WORST feeling ever! Hesitantly, I went to CVS and bought one. It looked like a tiny teapot that Meyer used in her Minnie Mouse brunch set, except you shove it up your nose. So, I filled it up with filtered water, added the packet of saline and gave it a shot. ACK! What a strange, yet satisfying feeling. As I was leaning over my sink, with the spout in one of my nostrils, the saline solution was traveling through my nasal passage and coming out the other nostril. Although it felt and looked crazy weird, it actually worked! I highly recommend it, if you can stomach that jumping into a pool without your nose plugged feeling.

More Things I Love

Hey guys! I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles for my next favorite list, so here it is: there’s no sarcasm there, I swear! : )

  1. Click and Carry is possibly the most clever and helpful gadget ever! Like most moms, I am constantly juggling my purse, the baby bag and a shopping bag or two among other things. Click and Carry makes it so you can carry everything in one hand or on one shoulder. It’s awesome! Even Meyer likes it because she has so many purses and so little time!
  2. Zara Colored Skinny Pants are my favorite go to bottoms and are magical like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I swear, I have worn my same favorite red pair while I was at my skinniest and while I was pregnant.
  3. California Tot Rabbit Ears Faux Leather Bow-Stretch Headbands are the cutest most versatile headbands ever. Meyer loves them because they are comfortable and I love them because they are adorable. And once your baby gets a little older and doesn’t want to wear a headband anymore, they serve as a pigtail holder as well.
  4. Apothic Brew Wine is so yummy and different from any wine you have ever had. This red wine is infused with cold brew coffee and you can actually taste it unlike those other ‘hints of berry or chocolate’ reds that just taste like wine…And yes, I do choose to have a glass here and there even though I am pregnant…don’t judge me, I have a two-year old!
  5. Stitch Fix maternity Tank Tops are amazing and can even be worn when you aren’t pregnant. I ordered the set of three (white, black and tan) maternity tanks and have worn them again, at my skinniest (they are long so you can wear them with leggings) and at 9 months pregnant when my belly was ginormous.
  6. Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel is a blessing in a bottle. I still try to workout at least 3 times a week, whether it is with my resistance bands or P90X and I get so sore afterwards, especially now. This cooling gel feels so good on your sore muscles and will make you feel like normal again fast!
  7. Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Lip is the perfect addition to your makeup bag. My favorite color is ‘Adorned’ but it comes in 5 colors to suit you and your skin tone.
  8. Simon and Schuster ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ Pop Up Book will bring you back to your childhood and keep your kiddos busy for hours. This very detailed pop-up book is based on the classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story, not the cartoon (so think more on the scary side if you know what I mean) and is so wonderfully done that I find something new every time I look at it. Meyer is just fascinated with the book but I have to hide it from her because she loves to look at it so much, it started to rip.
  9. Classic Disney DVDs are so fun to watch over and over again with your kids. They are so nostalgic! I know what you are thinking- ‘who still watches DVDs?’ But, we do! Not only do we have a DVD player in the Tahoe (it makes car rides so much smoother), we now have one in our loft. I had bought Moana and Frozen for Meyer to watch and my mom recently whipped out her collection and let Meyer have a few of the classics as well.
  10. Limm Resistance Loop Exercise Bands will keep you trim and tight even if you just use them for 20 minutes a day! If I just have a few moments to myself, or if I want to feel productive while watching TV, I put one on my calves and do my squat reps. They come in 5 different colors/resistance levels from Extra Heavy to Extra Light so even Meyer can ‘workout’ with me!
  11. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray may look like it is from the 1980’s, but it will make you feel like a million bucks! When my friend introduced me to this can of heaven, I thought, ‘where the hell did you get that, your grandmother’s powder room?’ But wow, let me tell you how amazing this product is. When used on your legs, it hides any veins, blemishes or stretch marks you may have and even makes your legs look thinner! I even use it on my arms to give them an even, tan tone when going sleeveless.
  12. Oregon Chai Tea Latte at Trader Joe’s is so yummy and tastes just like a Chai latte at Starbucks (one of my faves). You just add the concentrated mix to some hot water, top it off with milk and BAM- let your morning begin!

Glitter Party At The Gudino House

IMG_0860Meyer is officially obsessed with wearing her Disney Princess dresses. Obsessed. Like to the point where she wants to put them on immediately when she wakes up and even wear them when she goes to bed (I had to put my foot down with that one). She has two Elsa dresses from Frozen, a Tinkerbell dress, a Minnie Mouse dress and newest to the collection? Elena of Avalor. We have no issues with Meyer wearing any of the dresses except that damn Elena dress….she is like the newest addition to the family that kind of crept up out of nowhere and has taken over the entire house. What do I mean by that? One word for you…GLITTER. It is as if I am living with an actual real life fairy, you guys. There is glitter everywhere. I wake up and there is glitter on my face. My husband will get to work and there is glitter on his backpack. It’s like the glitter finds ways into everything, even when the dress isn’t there! And to boot, we just got a new couch, which now shimmers and shines because Meyer walked into the living room wearing that dress and POOF- sparkle party! We have now restricted Meyer to basically only wearing that dress when she is A.) outside B.) standing in the empty bath tub, not moving, or C.) when she is at anyone else’s home but ours. But I can’t do that to my little girl, right? She loves that dress! So, I figured that I have two options. I can follow my Princess around all day, like her royal court, only with a vacuum in my hand, or I can figure out a way to keep sparkles from falling off clothes. My internet search engine must think I am a stripper or something with all the ‘glitter’/’sparkle’/’removing glitter’ searches I have done over the past few days. But I finally think I found a solution to this problem. I soaked the dress in cold water, shook the hell out of it (I was totally humming AC/DC’s ‘Shook Me All Night Long’ the entire time) and sprayed it with hairspray. Apparently, that will keep the sparkles on and keep my house from looking as if Dorothy and her ruby red slippers angrily stomped around every inch of my home…