Potty Training Endeavors Part 2

F7047F79-C1BD-46B4-AFE9-784E8395C09C.jpegCall me crazy, but I actually like potty training. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I get to see my little toddler’s proud face every time she goes potty, or if I am just looking forward to having one in underwear and one in diapers when the baby gets here in July, but either way, I am one happy momma! I have been working with Meyer on the potty since she was about 10 months old but I haven’t really been adamant about it until last month. It all started when she got some Disney princess underwear from my parents on her 2nd birthday. She wanted to wear them every day. So I told her that in order to do so, she had to use the potty, not her diapers. She agreed. We busted out the Pull-Ups and her potty seat and made sure that she knew she had to tell us when she had to go pee. (We also ask her every 5 seconds when she is wearing her underwear, just in case). She tells us when she has to go for the most part, but does cry wolf every once in a while, seemingly amused to see my husband and I scrambling around to grab her and race her to the potty. And of course, she has had a few accidents along the way (peeing on my bed, in her highchair and her Aunt Sarah’s floor) but nothing that couldn’t be cleaned up with some cleaning spray and/or detergent. Over the last few weeks, I think she has only worn a diaper a few times because she is still scared to go poop on the potty, but for the most part it is underwear and Pull-Ups 24/7. And yes, I do bribe her with gummy bears….how else will she learn? IMG_0805.jpgHer little face though when she starts to pee on the potty and seeing us so proud of her is worth all those loads of laundry we had to do after her accidents. And last night we had quite a breakthrough. I knew she had to go poop before her bath and I kept asking her if she wanted to go on the potty, to which she responded, ‘NO!’ So I tried over and over again to sit her on the big potty, then the little potty…still it was a no go. So, I put a diaper on her and told her that she could go in there if she wanted to. Still nothing. Then, I took off the diaper so I could put her in the tub and I could see that she was uncomfortable, so I had an idea. I put her on her little potty and told her that I was going to tell her a story. ‘There was once a little Princess named Anna, who was scared to go poop on the potty. Her big sister Elsa, who goes poop on the potty, told her that there was no reason to be scared and that she would help her through it. So Elsa sang to Anna while she tried to poop on the potty and finally, she was able to go and wasn’t scared anymore!’ And with that, she finally Let it Go (no pun intended). Thank you Frozen, it worked! Meyer finally went poop on the potty! She was grinning ear to ear and was so impressed by what she had done and I was so elated, it was as if I just won the Powerball! So I snapped a picture and texted it to Anthony. Little did I know, he was in the middle of dinner when he saw the poop picture flash on his phone and immediately lost his appetite. Oops!

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