Mommyhood Times Two

For me, being pregnant is one of the best feelings in the world. I loved every minute of my pregnancy with Meyer and so far am loving every minute of my second pregnancy as well. And this time around, I know what to expect at the end (pain wise) so I am not as anxious as I was the first time. But there are still all kinds of emotions circling through my head. I’m in my second trimester. I’m on baby number two. I have a soon to be two-year old. There are so many twos happening right now! Am I going to remember everything about having a newborn? How am I going to balance my life with two little ones? And most importantly how am I going to love the new baby as much as I love Meyer? My friend defined that question for me…It’s not like you have to sacrifice other things in your life to make room for that love, or diminish any love you have for your first-born, your ‘jar’ of love just gets bigger and you have more love to give. Bingo! That was the answer that I needed to calm any nerves I had about baby number two…

And now to the physical attributes of pregnancy. I am now starting to show my baby bump after the many weeks of waking up and saying, ‘”wow, my stomach is still flat!” But I am in that awkward stage where people look at me thinking “is she expecting or did she just splurge on too many donuts?” I have to constantly rub my tummy or walk with one hand on top of it so that people know that I am carrying a baby, not a few extra Double Doubles in my gut. I am almost to the point of the maternity pants stage but as of now, I can get away with just wearing the waist extender in my own pants or leaving the top button undone. Hail to stretch pants!  But the one thing that I am struggling with (I did with Meyer too) are the constant nose bleeds…I mean, come on!

When I was pregnant with Meyer, I took a weekly photo of my bump chronicling the week by week progress. Do you think I did so with the second one? Nope! Have you seen those commercials when the mom cleans everything the first-born touches and then just wipes off the second child’s pacifier on her shirt after it falls on the ground? Yup, those stereotypes are already ringing true. So I figured I would try to take a few nice pictures of Meyer and I, featuring the baby bump. But most of them turned into awkward shots of her trying to kiss my belly while laughing or me telling her over and over again to just come here for a minute or to JUST STOP MOVING!….Oh the bribes you use while doing a photo shoot! At least I got a few that showcased our mother daughter bond and the love that she has for her new brother or sister (so far).

More Faves

When compiling a list of my favorite things,  I look at items that I use daily and things that simply make me (or someone I love) extremely happy. There are a few items that I use so often, they are always on my shopping list and there are some things that I know Meyer just adores. I took a look around my closet, our kitchen and Meyer’s room and made my next ‘cannot live without’ list. Here are some more of my favorite things:

1. Ecco Aimee Shoes. Besides going barefoot, these are the best things that I have ever worn on my feet. They are so comfortable, are super cute and can be worn with basically everything in my wardrobe.

2. Floradix Iron and Herbs. I am a huge fan of herbs and vitamins, especially now that I am pregnant. I make sure to take this liquid magic daily to give my body (and my baby) all the iron and vitamins that we need. It isn’t the best tasting concoction out there (think licorice with a hint of copper) but hey, it does a body good!

3. Illume Winter White candle. This is probably the best smelling candle I have ever sniffed and it even looks pretty to boot. It looks more like a conversation piece than a candle and smells like you are running through the woods with a tray of sugar cookies and an Abercrombie model.

4. Better Life cleaning products. There are a ton of ‘natural’ products on the market that may be all the rage right now but they still contain a few bad ingredients that Better Life does not. The number one offender that I see way too often is phenoxyethanol. Although I feel like no product can really be 100% natural unless you bust out the vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda, these products are pretty close to it.

5. Minnie’s Happy Helpers Brunch Cafe. Available at Toys R Us and Walmart to name a few, this toy is just as much fun for the adults as it is for kids! I have two words for you…Cereal Dispenser! And not only can you get a bowl of cereal on the go (the ‘cereal’ is actually plastic bows and Minnie faces) but you can ‘pour’ a cup of coffee, make some scrambled eggs (with a real sizzling sound) and flip your waffle in the waffle maker. Meyer could play with this thing for hours and she is delighted to help whenever I order a cup of coffee from her. It is darling.

6. Leslie Patricelli books. Call me simple and right to the point but these books do just that. With titles like Toot, Potty, Blankie, Tickle and No No Yes Yes to name a few, these books are cute, vibrant and informative for your kids. I love them and Meyer can’t get enough of them. She lingers on all the pages, she laughs and points at the pictures and she always says ‘again!’ when I am finished.

7. Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat. This is the one product that I always get asked about when I am out in public. It is a simple, waterproof and handy mat that you stick to the table to eliminate any mess (if you can imagine) and make cleanup easy. Yes, if you are st a restaurant, you can just wash the table and use a plate, but with this product, you just whip it out of the baby bag, stick it to the table and know your baby is eating off a clean surface. Once they are done, you just wipe it clean, roll it up and put it back in the baby bag for next time. Genius!