What’s In A Name?

Choosing a name for your little one is quite the challenge, but if you have to pick a name that they will identify with for their whole life, make it a good one! Sorry parents but the pressure is on! When we chose Meyer as our daughter’s name, not only did we love it because it was unique (but not too unique that it would raise eyebrows), we thought that it would be fun to brand her as our own little Meyer lemon. Hence, we bought everything lemon, painted her room yellow and prayed she wouldn’t disagree with our choices. So far so good. But she is only 21 months…just wait until she is 16 and demands that I stop throwing her lemon themed parties or forcing her to work in the front yard lemonade stand every summer! So for now, I intend to take full advantage of it and buy up all the lemon apparel that I can get! What’s the fun of having a name like Meyer if you can’t dress her in lemon themed everything, right? And I’m not alone…I am willing to bet that Gwyneth Paltrow had various apple themed items for her daughter, Apple, Brie Bella went ‘tweet-y’ for her daughter, Birdie and Alicia Silverstone had a GRRReat time buying clothes for her son, Bear. My new motto? When life gives you a lemon, dress like one!