Take Me Out To The Ballgame

IMG_9808My husband and I love sports and having a baby wasn’t going to stop us from enjoying ourselves at the ballpark, stadium or track. We were determined to bring our daughter along with us and ensure that she also liked sports, or at least could tolerate hanging out with us while we enjoyed the game. She loves food, people watching and being outside. Meyer has to enjoy sports, it runs in her blood. My husband and I recently went to Houston, Detroit and Baltimore all in one weekend to see three baseball games. I mean, her dad’s bucket list consists of visiting every MLB ballpark in the U.S. and her mom has been obsessed with Jeff Gordon for over 20 years! So far in her 19 months on Earth, Meyer has seen two NFL games (the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers), an NHL game (Los Angeles Kings), an NBA game (the Sacramento Kings) and three MLB games (the Oakland A’s, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Seattle Mariners). That’s quite a track record, right? I don’t think she has even been to that many kid’s birthday parties!
IMG_0859 2But bringing your kids to a sporting event isn’t always just about watching the game/race. It is a family adventure full of food, excitement and lasting memories. It also is a whole other ballgame (no pun intended) when you take your little ones to a professional sporting event…be prepared for that! It’s obviously not the same time that you and your husband used to have (beer, hot dogs and following what if going on play-by-play). You can still have beer (it just may get spilled or warm quicker) and a hot dog (you may have to share), but the amount of time you actually spend watching the game is a lot less than the amount of time you spend watching your baby. I think we were at halftime at the Chargers game before I even looked out onto the field. You need to be an amazing multi-tasker to handle all of this and be very, very patient (there are a lot of drunk people at sporting events). Sometimes it’s almost like you are on the field yourself. ‘We now see Mom reaching over to catch that beer her kid knocked over before it dumps all over the unsuspecting fan in front of you. And there goes the bag of crackers, nice catch Mom! What, you’re antsy and can’t sit still on this extremely comfortable aluminum chair? Okay, no problem, Mommy comes in with the save because she has a book in the baby bag. Here read this. Oh crap, the guy in seat 15 is coming back, and we stand up! Meyer, do not grab his nachos!’
IMG_0301The most important thing I always stress is to be prepared! And not just for your baby. I was once changing Meyer in the bathroom at a game when a girl came up next to me and started pulling out every last paper towel from the dispenser. I looked over at her funny and she explained to me that her husband has just threw up all over himself. I handed her an entire pack of baby wipes and said, “your baby needs these more than mine!” And then once while my friend and I were taking turns changing our babies in the bathroom at the Chargers game, there was a lady waiting for the changing table just holding her baby and the diaper. Really? No wipes, changing pad or antibacterial spray? No problem! We wiped down the changing table for her and offered up a few of our items. Hey, you have to help other Moms out because you never know when you will be in the same situation. Since we are exposing her early, we are hoping that Meyer will grow up loving sports like her parents and she can join us on our next NFL/NASCAR/NBA trip. But with me being from Maine and my husband being from Los Angeles, the only predicament she will face is her team loyalty. Meyer will be a loyal Patriots/Raiders, Red Sox/Dodgers and Bruins/Kings fan for life!

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