Lessons for My Daughter

With all of the hate, uncertainty and opposition in our world today, I want to make sure that my daughter learns to respect and love others and understands what is important in life. Here are a few of my life lessons for Meyer:

IMG_1828Be brave. Be kind. Dream big and don’t be afraid to achieve those dreams. Laugh until your belly hurts. Stay humble. Be nostalgic and enjoy the classics. (Meyer- Mommy is going to teach you all about Saved By the Bell, *NSYNC and Barbie and the Rockers). Don’t hold grudges, it’s a waste of energy. Stand up for yourself and others. Help a stranger. Hold hands with your significant other. It’s OK to take an entire day to binge watch your favorite TV show and eat only Gummy Bears. Be passionate. Put down your cell phone for a whole hour. Appreciate your parents. (Once you become a parent, you realize all the sacrifices they made for you). Count your blessings. Travel.

imagesRespect your elders. Be patient. Give compliments. Stop and smell the roses, or your Grandma’s banana bread or your baby. Be fearless. Be grateful for every breath, your life could change in a second. Act like a kid, it will keep you young. Fight hard but make up harder. Thank the Lord. Tell your friends and family that you love them every day. Give to charity. Dance around the house in your underwear. Eat your veggies but also indulge in sweets. Don’t judge others. Be compassionate. Love with all of your heart. Stop the hate.

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