Our Potty Training Endeavors

As you can see on my video and as many of you have experienced…potty training is a b$#@h! (To put it lightly). And my child is a liar. I ask Meyer every night before she takes a bath, “do you want to go pee on the potty?” She lights up and says, “YES!” Then I put her on the potty and she laughs and runs away.

We got her a potty very early (around 9 months old) just to see what she thought of it, and because it was so darn cute to see her naked sitting on a little potty. She was reluctant at first but then she would just sit there and read, like it was the greatest thing in the world! And when she would pee, she would get so happy when she looked down and saw what she accomplished. It was amazing when she was too little to walk or run away from me and the potty. She had no choice but to sit there until I picked her up, which may have been 10 minutes sometimes. It was great! But now that she is running around everywhere, I am lucky if she stays on the potty for 5 seconds.IMG_9694

I even try to bring her in the bathroom when I go, and she says “pee?’ and watches me with delight. She even wants to help me with the toilet paper! The whole roll most of the time…But when I sit Meyer on her own little potty, she slips and wiggles around like the potty is greased with oil. She has even picked it up before and put it back under the sink, as if to say, “I’m done with you!” I’m hoping that when she turns two this process will get easier and she will actually want to sit on the potty.


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