Pray for Texas

image2This week my heart is with the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The images that we have seen of the intense damage, helpless victims and heroes that have stepped in to assist others are heartbreaking. The fireman carrying two children in waist deep water, the civilian carrying the mother, holding her baby, trekking through the water and the residents of the nursing home sitting in their chairs knitting as if they weren’t up to their elbows in flood water are permanently engraved in my mind. The stories of the police officer who drowned in his car trying to get to work so he could help save people, the family of 6 who tragically drown in their van and the toddler they found alive but with hypothermia, floating on her mother’s dead body in the flooded street brought tears to my eyes and made me want to help. Texas is very near and dear to my heart. My husband and I got married in Austin in 2015 and we were just in Houston the week before Hurricane Harvey hit to see the Astros baseball game. With all of the bad going on in the world today, it warms my heart to see the thousands of volunteers heading to Texas to help out those in need. It seems like the outpouring of support is endless and fellow citizens are stepping up to help each other as we should be. There are lines of trucks towing boats on the highways heading to Texas, volunteers flocking to help in any way they can even if it puts their own lives in danger and generous people donating money to the victims who need it. These acts bring a smile to my face in a time of such dismay. If you can, please give back. Even $20 could help out a family in need of formula, clothes, a blanket or simply a hot meal. Babies are left without any diapers or blankets, pets are without food and people are now homeless. image1There are plenty of ways to help even if you can’t head to Texas and physically volunteer your time. It is also important that you know your donation is going directly to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and you aren’t just sending money into a black hole. You can check out to make sure that your donation will help those who need it, or check out any of the charities below to donate to the people, pets and children of Texas.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Texas Diaper Bank

United Way of Houston

American Red Cross

Houston Humane Society

Houston Food Bank

Go home and hug your loved ones and thank the Lord for yesterday, today and tomorrow. You never know when a tragedy will strike and turn your world upside down. Please pray for Texas.

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